#TeamVirunga Update: Take action to protect Virunga.

We're simply blown away by the messages of support from those of you who have watched Virunga: The Movie on Netflix. Thank you all so much... but #TeamVirunga, there is still work to be done!

Most of you know that SOCO made a joint agreement with the WWF in June of this year. This was made in exchange for the termination of an OECD complaint investigating SOCO’s business conduct in eastern Congo and it does not safeguard for the future of the Park.

This is why we are still asking SOCO to make a written commitment to the Democratic Republic of Congo’s government to never again work within Virunga National Park’s existing borders.

An example must be set that redrawing the boundaries of a World Heritage Site is not a solution to undermining the rule of law.

We are also surprised that SOCO are yet to meaningfully address the shocking allegations raised against them in the detailed reports published by Virunga: The Movie, the Telegraph, international NGO, Global Witness and Human Rights Watch.

These reports, along with the undercover footage featured in our movie, tie individuals associated with, or claiming to be working on behalf of Soco, to human rights and corruption allegations against the local communities of Block V.

This is why your participation in this campaign is key.

  1. Take Action. Keep telling people about the issues at the heart of the film. Spread the word on Twitter and Facebook. We must not let this issue slide.

  2. Suggested Tweet: What is SOCO International doing to safeguard #Virunga? Watch @virungamovie on #Netflix and #TakeAction

  3. Take Action. Write to SOCO. Ask them how they intend to safeguard for the future of Virunga National Park.

  4. Take Action. Write to SOCO’s shareholders. Ask them to join #TeamVirunga in questioning SOCO’s efforts to safeguard for the future of the Virunga National Park.

  5. Take Action. Donate directly to the park and the rangers who work everyday to protect this magnificent place and its communities.

Virunga National Park deserves to be protected, not only for today but for future generations. We must fight harder to give this park the best possible chance of long term, sustainable development.

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